This agricultural college is special because it currently borders a very large piece of land owned by the Clinton Foundation which champions clean farming, among other things.  There is a flower that grows nearby that is as effective as protecting crops as chemical sprays.  They have planted and are growing miles of fields in order to learn to harvest, test and to expand this plant to other areas as an alternative to farming with pesticides and other chemicals that have undesirable side effects.

We hope that our donations will allow the local students to participate in the scientific and agricultural study of their farming and that they will be able to interact with global peers.

Technology and educational materials can change lives.

Future Initiatives

Our Mission


Assist with solar setups for college

  • We ask for educational discounts, we purchase the desktops here and ship them to Tanzania, to ensure that the best computers arrive in the Computer Lab.
  • We are grateful for any introductions that lead to discounts or donations!

The Computer Lab

Current Initiatives

Resources to Africa

We are working to provide new computers and printers for an agricultural college in rural Tanzania, Dabaga Institute of Agriculture.  The land was donated by the government to Frau Paulo, an Italian priest who has lived in Africa for 30 years.  

Where there are people interested in education in rural areas of Africa, we will be a channel for new educational technology.  Our mission is to stand with the students and provide them technology that will connect them with the world.

The Lives We Impact


Coordinate local cooperatives with KIVA funding